Youth Classes


A fun environment for your child’s first experience on a tennis court. Basic movement and hand-eye coordination skills will be introduced, as well as perception and awareness exercises and ball and racquet exercises. Emphasis is placed on fun and teamwork. Preschool experience helpful. Foam or red balls used.

Red 1

Players are new/newer to tennis. Learning and developing the fundamentals.

Red 2

Players have a good sense of fundamentals (i.e.- correct grips, stroke technique, basic footwork), and can execute forehands/backhands consistently.

Orange 1

Player is new/newer to tennis. Learning and developing the fundamentals.

Orange 2

Players have a good sense of the fundamentals (i.e.-correct grips, stroke technique, basic

** can execute forehands/backhands consistently.
** can perform a multiple shot rally
** learning to develop serve

Teen Starter

Green dot and/or yellow balls used. Players are new/newer to tennis and learning/developing fundamentals. (i.e.- correct grips, stroke technique, basic footwork)

Green 1

**Players understand fundamentals (i.e. correct grips, stoke technique, basic footwork)
**Can execute forehands/backhands correctly
**Player can maintain a short rally
**Player has basic understanding of the serve.

Green 2

Yellow balls will be introduced in the class with a split between yellow and green balls.

**Players have a full understanding of all fundamentals (i.e. correct grips, stroke technique, basic footwork)
**Player is ready to learn to serve consistently
**Player can maintain a medium rally

Jr. Excellence

**Player can maintain a cooperative or medium paced rally.
**Can execute forehands, backhands, and volleys with consistency.
**Players expected to be able to start point with feed/serve.
**Player has reliable serve.
**Player looking to become more competitive.


**Player beginning to play more competitively.
**UTR rating 1.5 or above
**Recommended play 2 or more times a week.


**Player is playing competitive tennis.
**UTR 2.25 or above
**Players playing a minimum of 2 times a week.

Select Class

**Invite only. UTR 3.5 or above

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Adult Classes

Starter Tennis

For adults new to tennis or for those who have just begun to learn the game. Introduction to the game of tennis and all strokes. Students will learn proper stroke technique and begin to play out points with simple live ball drills.

Beginner II/Advance Beginner

Has some basic tennis knowledge of 7 strokes (forehand, backhand, serve, volley, half volley, overhead smash, and lob). Lots of drilling and reinforcement of basic skills. 2.0-2.5 level.


3.0-3.5 level. Continues to gain strength in use of 7 strokes. Proper technique will continue to be emphasized, and match strategy will be introduced. Students will become more confident in a baseline rally through live ball drill and simulated doubles play.

Advanced Intermediate & A level

3.5-4.0 level players. Proper strokes and grips will be reinforced, along with match strategy. Competitive drills will simulate match competition

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